Terms and Conditions

Service Terms


1) Sending emails to people you do not have contact with, is requesting emails to us, it is not only against our policy, but it is illegal. We do not tolerate SPAMs and if we receive a SINGLE notice that you have the type of practice, verify the incident and, if in fact, delete all your funds from your account. If you have been denounced as SPAMMER a second time, we will review the second incident and take action as necessary to terminate an account.
 2) You can have an account. You can not create an account, or all your accounts will be closed. You can never have another account. If you have lost your login information, one thing is to ask for a password and it will be sent to you by email.
3) You can refer others to your home, but also a member of the computer.
4) See the right to suspend or terminate your account at any time for any reason and without prior notice. If we notify you, we will notify you by email. If you get caught, try to use the fraud system, your account will be terminated without notice and your email will be permanently suspended.
5) Your payments will be processed within 24 hours for UpGrade members and up to 7 days for For Us members. To redeem funds, it is worth at least $ 5 accrued.

5.1) PAYMENTS - ATTENTION - Your Payments will be SUBTRACTED to the Amount of $ 1.25 (one dolar and twenty-five cents) and will be converted into Advertising CREDIT, so our System REALIZES its PURPOSE, which is ADVERTISING and not only the GAINS.    

6) You must have a valid email address and a valid payment account to register with our program. All email addresses are verified and the system is not being updated when you are valid.
7) At present, page up to $ 0.10 for each site visited by your friends and send $ 0.005 for each site visited by your name in the same way.
8) You can inform yourself and respond by all that are indicated. DIRECTLY.
9) By entering no For us, you can assume the rights that are relevant to your government.
10) You are not an employee or member of the For Us. We simply create a connection between clients and advertisers. You have the right to terminate your relationship at any time.
11) We may change its terms without notice or notice. The notices, when applicable, will be sent through the news area and forum For Us or by e-mail to you.

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