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Best Promotion
Published on 10-01-2019
Hello, here Admin J.Connor and we are promoting UpGrade Boss, for Five Thousand members and will now be more 50% on the funds you deposit. 
These Funds can be used for Advertising and Referral purchases, come on,

Come For Us!
Published on 20-12-2018

We are now with two good Launch Promotions.


First Launch Promotion:


The First Five Thousand Members win UpGrade Boss.


Second Launch Promotion:


Your addition of Funds in For Us will give you back 25% of the Value Applied and you can use in


Advertisements or various purchases in the System of Referrals among others.


It's up to You to order. It was given the start!

The Big Boss!
Published on 18-12-2018

For us everything is Real and Absolute. We can do everything right and in some moments, Wrong. Make sure your walks will be much longer.

Live each day as if it were the last. Join us! 

All five thousand new Members will win UpGrade Boss.

Come and be a Boss!


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