Frequently Asked Questions

A Paid-To-Click PTC service

Our services are to enable our advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by exposing your ad on our site and also allows members to earn money by seeing those ads.

Our members click on the advertiser's ad and see it for the time specified by the advertiser.
After viewing the ad, the member is credited with a pre-determined amount of money in your account.

You do not have to pay us anything to start making money online. So now that you are a registered member, you can start earning money for free without any upfront investment!

Use the calculator and see how much you can earn. The calculator is in your Administration Panel. The amount of money you earn varies depending on your UpGrade type, the ad you view, the number of referrals you have, and the number of ads that those referrals view.

The earnings shown are calculated based on the minimum amount of advertising you have per day and also on the options you selected that are variable and may be higher or lower than those shown. All ad display calculations are based on normal exposure ads. To calculate profits you will have to subtract the expenses inherent to referral management from your earnings.

The amount we pay you is divided among several factors. By default the clicks of those rented are worth R $ 0.002!
The earnings count is done in percentage and these are the values ??after the readjustments due to the system of referrals now deployed to For Us!
Also note that by making an UpGrade all your ads increase the value of the fixed ads!

The minimum amount of payment is $ 5.00 for the first payment. The minimum limit will be increased for each payment until you reach the fixed minimum limit. Each payment can be discounted a fee depending on the payment processor you use.

Amount of time to process the payment:
After requesting your payment, you will receive the same in up to 24 hours on your chosen payment processor unless some unforeseen technical occurrence occurs during the process.

That's what friends are for. A referral is someone who works for you. Like the idea? Keep reading:

A referral receives what each user receives when they click ads! But if a user refers you and clicks on ads, you get them too!

There are two types of referrals and three ways to achieve them:
Direct referrals: These users registered with your username as their referent.
Rental Referrals: These members were rented by you on For Us.

So how do I get referrals? Here are three ways to do this:

Use our Disclosure banners:
Show our banner with a link to the For Us with your username with your link (you can find the banners with the links in your account).
When the visitor clicks the banner, it will be sent to For Us.
Then all you have to do is register. We'll take care of the rest for you. Simply tell everyone to register on For Us using your referral link at the time of registration.

Rent: You can rent referrals monthly to work for you (this is not slavery ... they also earn). Go to your account for rent referrals. The amount of referrals available will vary depending on how many people have registered without a referrer. You will only receive referrals that have clicked on Ads.

All you need is a mouse and a PC

We allow anyone to click.

If you think that a program that clicks automatically is a person, then you have a distorted notion of reality. If you use such programs, you will be treated as someone who commits a fraudulent act.
You will definitely be banned and can not complain later. You're warned!


Your family is very important and everyone living with you can register, however, only one user per IP Internet connection can display ads within 24 hours and only one account per computer. This means that if everyone in your household uses their own account on the same day, only the first person can win by clicking on the ads. To allow another user to click ads, they must wait up to 24 hours.

Do not enter into your account at school, employment or using any type of (internet) proxy or VPN, because usually the IP is the same for each user (registered) of the Internet and computers can be used by other accounts.

Yes, no one is totally perfect, so if you really are a hacker, do your job well done!

If our system finds out you are a hacker, it will respond in an unfriendly way. Do not worry, there will be no violence, you will only have your account suspended before or when you ask for your payment.
If you are banned you will lose all the money in your account!
You're warned!

You're in the right place. As an advertiser you will always have a return on what you paid for. We give our advertisers a lot of value.

Ad Management
You only need to create your ad once. You can suspend, continue, or delete them. You can set a demographic filter or expose it to all members. You can buy clicks and distribute them through your ads.

Click Pack Management
Purchase the total number of clicks you need. Decide how many clicks go for each ad. If you decide to delete an ad that still has clicks, no problem. You will receive those clicks back into your account for use in other ads.

Demographic Exposure
Choose to show your ad to the world or just a few countries.

Anti-Fraud Protection
Our site is protected by a very powerful anti-fraud system!
An easy and safe way to expose and manage your ads.

For Us and win with us!

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